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Brekam Distributors

Our Background -

Brekam Distributors was incorporated on 25th february 2016 with a view to serve the business needs of the Clientele.

Brekam Distributors is currently in a high lucrative market in rapidly growing economy.The current trend towards an increase in the number of entrepreneurs and competition amongst existing companies presents an opportunity to an increased demand for market information and services that will enable companies to stay afloat.

Brekam Distributors

Our Objective & Service

To build a good reputation in the field of General Supply and Trade.

Our Main Objective.


# One

We strive to build a strong Base of our Client.

# two

To generate a High standard  of Commitment to our Client.

# Three

To increase the Assets & Profits of the company to support the development services provided.


To Build a good Reputation in the Field of General Supply and Trade.


To Expand the company & Grow the Business to become competitive in the supply and general trade industry.


Providing High Quality products at Competitive prices

Brekam Distributors

reEvolution Supply & Trade


Office & School Stationery

Office and School Materials 


Electrical & General Hardware

Protective Clothing

Assorted Food Stuff

Assorted Food Stuff

We supply to your satisfaction.

our approach

With technology evolving , we need to move quickly with time and insure quality delively of Tech products and many other Products are at 100%  safe and of high quality and that our customers are happy . We work hard to ensure there is quality delivery in the product and services being offered to the customer. 

For over so many years , we have been receiving some supplys from Brekam Distributors and we have always enjoined the Service delivery provided.
John Chisenga
Retailer - Farming Tech
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